Karen Roberts - CFO

Karen has forty (40) years experience in aviation management. Thirty six (36) years were spent with the Roanoke, VA based Piedmont Aviation, Inc. / Piedmont Aviation Services, Inc. /Piedmont Hawthorne Aviation/Landmark Aviation. The last fifteen (15) years Karen served as Vice-President/General Manager of the Roanoke Division. With approximately 100 employees, she managed a fueling operation serving all corporate and airline traffic at the Roanoke airport; provided ground services airline and international freight haulers flying out of Roanoke Regional Airport. The Roanoke operation also provided a maintenance facility servicing most brands of piston and light jet aircraft to include airframe, avionics, and a full line of Raytheon parts and other aviation parts. Landmark also provided charter service for the regional area and coordinated aircraft sales within the area.