Hydrogen-Fueled Gas Turbine

Due to growing concerns about the sustainability and the combustion emissions associated with fossil fuels, there has been increasing interest in clean, renewable sources of energy. Hydrogen is an attractive fuel for the future for several reasons, the first being that hydrogen can be produced from water using renewable sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy. As a result, the potential for hydrogen production is virtually unlimited. Additionally, the emissions concerns associated with hydrogen are considerably less than those associated with fossil fuels. Finally, an increase in the use of hydrogen would mean a reduction of the world’s dependence on oil. The focus of Electric Jet, LLC,’s technology is the use of hydrogen as a fuel in gas turbine engines. Gas turbines are very versatile and reliable, having applications in the air, land, and sea. They have the potential to incorporate hydrogen fuel into many applications.

hydrogen fueled gas turbine