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Concerns about sustainability and combustion emissions associated with fossil fuels, combined with a volatile and uncertain market has heightened world interest in clean, renewable sources of energy. The technologies of Electric Jet, LLC continue to focus on the development of a hydrogen gas turbine that could be integrated with other clean renewable energy sources for a systemic approach to energy needs.

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Conference Papers published by Electric Jet, LLC team members.

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Walter O'Brien receives the IGTI Aircraft Engine Technology Award for 2012.

Electric Jet, LLC

Electric Jet, LLC, is a privately owned and funded research company dedicated to clean and efficient energy alternatives. Our initial research focused on hydrogen as a clean and renewable fuel. The company was founded in 2005 and is located in Virginia Tech’s Corporate Research Center (CRC). Electric Jet, LLC, has spent the last four years in a partnership with Virginia Tech developing patent approved hydrogen combustion technology for gas turbines. The advantages of hydrogen are that it can be produced from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar; and when burned with Electric Jet, LLC, technology produces no carbon and ultra low NOx emissions. Future research will include a pure hydrogen/oxygen enclosed engine eliminating all pollutants. Additionally, Electric Jet, LLC is exploring the potential of super conductors in an electric thruster configuration.